28 July 2020

Expert Seminar – „Incubate Innovation Ecosystems“

Contact Person: Franziska Volz

In collaboration with the University of St. Gallen

08 July 2020: Introductory lecture by Dr Bernhard Lingens, University of St.Gallen

For our format "MindSphere World Expert Seminar" we invite selected experts to discuss different focal points around digitisation and to translate them together into our world. We will start our first series as a workshop "Incubate Innovation Ecosystems" and work out essential basics for the successful initiation and implementation of ecosystems in three time-shifted online units: Dr. Bernhard Lingens from the University of St. Gallen will guide us through this workshop. Based on the research results of the Swiss university, we will work jointly to examine the functioning of innovation ecosystems in detail and translate them into our everyday life using practical examples from the participants.

Further information and the link to register for the online workshop series starting in October can be found below.

Summary of the introductory webinar isstored in our internal members section unter the event documentation.

More about the topic

Under the moderation of Dr. Bernhard Lingens (University of St. Gallen), we develop expert knowledge in the workshop series "Incubate Innovation Ecosystems" and define first concrete steps for the participating companies:

  • Conceptual basics of Innovation Ecosystems
  • Concrete potential of Innovation Ecosystems for the participating companies
  • Basic strategies for the development of Innovation Ecosystems (per company)
  • Individual project plan for concrete innovation projects (per company)

The seminar consists of 3 consecutive online workshops, each 2.5 hrs. An entry to the 2nd date is possible. The costs of this seminar are covered by the association MindSphere World e.V. For non-members on request.


22 October 2020
      9 December 2020     
Spring 2021

The number of participants is limited. First-come-first-serve. Please make sure that the same person is attending all three dates. All participants of the seminar will receive a certificate of attendance upon participation in all three workshops.

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Bernhard Lingens
Dr. Bernhard Lingens

Member of the Board of Directors