22 July 2019

Growing Community: with South Korea

Contact Person: Iris Dilzer


MindSphere World Korea was successfully founded on June 23, 2019, It is a promising and valuable addition to our dynamic community, which is now benefiting from new members. MindSphere World Korea creates synergies among its members through its activities in numerous different fields. These members share technical requirements, develop business models, and set up MindSphere-based IoT platforms and ecosystems. In particular, the goal is to address regional aspects and incorporate them in global concepts through worldwide sharing. MindSphere World Korea is also planning to bring in additional data-supported companies that use future-oriented ICT technologies in industrial environments.

Siemens Ltd. Seoul (SLS) founded MindSphere World Korea together with Hyundai Wia and ISAAC Engineering Co., Ltd, and also in close collaboration with IoT and data experts such as the Incheon National University and the Korea Polytechnic University. Korea follows Germany, Italy, and the Southeast Asia/Pacific region in Singapore as the fourth country where MindSphere World has been founded. It maintains a focus on close cooperation and ongoing networking among the individual members. 

MindSphere World Korea offers an excellent foundation for driving the IoT ecosystem of the fourth industrial revolution in the age of digitalization. We look forward to engaging in productive discussions, sharing our international expertise, and tackling exciting projects together.


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