07 January 2021

Innovation Ecosystems - Example STAHLWILLE

Contact Person: Franziska Volz

Innovation Ecosystems are already much more than just a modern buzzword.

They convince through unique innovation thrusts, generated by the concentrated cross-company cooperation of specialized key players.

The ecosystem success story "Better safe than sorry" from STAHLWILLE, a traditional tool manufacturer, clearly shows how correctly implemented IoT solutions and the interaction of the various players can become a true game changer.

A pay-per-use model that would not be realized without the speed, agility and intelligence of an innovation ecosystem. At the same time, new value streams and services are emerging, such as the greatly simplified calibration of measuring instruments.

See here a comprehensive presentation, recorded for the "Siemens Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog 2020", about the Innovation Ecosystem consisting of the key players and MindSphere World members STAHLWILLE, Siemens Financial Services and codestryke.

For us as IoT community, a very valuable confirmation to be a driver in the right areas.

You want to learn more about Innovation Ecosystems and their direct benefits in your business environment? Then you should definitely take a closer look at our workshop series "Incubate Innovation Ecosystems" in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen. Log in to read the full report in our event documentation.

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