27 February 2020

Interest Group BUSINESS PROCESSES focuses on pay-per-use models

Contact Person: Franziska Volz

The current focus of the working group BUSINESS PROCESSES is on the question of how companies can successfully implement pay-per-use models. The aim of the working group is to jointly develop a manual summarizing the most important findings and to help our members to implement pay-per-use models.

The basis for this is a real use case of the Lübeck-based company Nordischer Maschinenbau Rudolf Baader, who wants to expand his portfolio with a performance-based billing model. In several workshops of the working group members with employees of the machine builder in Lübeck and at our partner "Factory Berlin" the requirements for a pay-per-use model were defined, first ideas for implementation were developed and necessary process adjustments were shown. The involvement of the relevant stakeholders at Baader from sales, service, finance, development and management was essential in order to be able to discuss the development of the new model in its entirety.

The "Baader" Use Case enables a clear practical reference in the resulting manual. The internal publication of this guide will represent a further milestone in our association's work and further underpin our philosophy "The Power of many". The planned availability for all our association members is scheduled for autumn 2020. Please contact us for more information. (Head of working group BUSINESS PROCESSES: Katharina Grund).

Katharina Grund
Katharina Grund

Head of Business Processes Committee

Siemens AG