28 February 2020

Interest Group EDGE examines the influencing factors for edge computing

Contact Person: Franziska Volz

Our working group EDGE critically records, considers and evaluates all factors influencing edge computing. In addition to technology (device, onboarding, hybrid approaches, value streams, etc.), this includes, above all, the consideration of previously dominant ambits such as ERP and MES, whose future development will be largely determined by the increasingly mature possibilities of edge computing. Some functions of traditional modules can now be better mapped directly to Edge in a high-performance manner. A resulting white paper on this topic will be presented in Q2 of this year. (Head of working group EDGE: Ulrich Grauvogel und Thomas Röhrl).

In addition, the working group tries to abstract the topic Edge and its elementary meaning as a bridge between OT and IT. It tries to draw a better metaphorical picture than the worn-out interface term is able to describe.

"The fact that raw data tend to flow into oceans rather than controllable water basins is becoming more and more accepted as an insight. Inadequately supervised data lakes then quickly suffer the shortcomings of overflowing, drying out or tipping over. How to share water in enriched data pools? Who is authorized to swim, fish or drink from which water? On Edge, water is filtered, scooped, added and removed, and sometimes only the level or pH is reported. Edge is a pumping station, bucket chain, scoop wheel, lockkeeper, valve, kettle or even litmus paper. The more than 20-year era of dedicated interface programming into proprietary databases is coming to an end. The sea level is rising. A mental game becomes a question of survival: "Build dams, relocate or learn to swim?"
Yours Ulrich Grauvogel.

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Ulrich Grauvogel
Ulrich Grauvogel


Thomas Röhrl
Thomas Röhrl

Ecosystem Manager Edge/AI

Siemens AG