26 February 2020

SHARED DATA POOLS is taking care of the development of cross-company data pools

Contact Person: Franziska Volz

Our working group SHARED DATA POOL has taken a decisive step towards the development of cross-company data pools within MindSphere World Ecosystems. The project scope includes among others

  1. The definition of contractual guidelines such as project roles and obligations of the contractual partners, rights of use as well as intellectual property of the generated data, liability and protection concepts, and the regulation of lifecycle management.
  2. The consideration of technical aspects such as the automatic pixilation of sensitive information with regard to data protection and IP protection guidelines before it is brought into the common data pool.
  3. The creation, review and release of contract templates, which, depending on the scope of the project, are automatically merged into a contract in a Web application. For this part of the project, close cooperation between the legal departments of our community members is an essential success factor.

At this stage, a demonstrator has already been set up, which in its next stage of development will be presented as a prototype at the Hannover Messe 2020. With the availability of this application, we will be able to offer contract partners of shared data pools a great time saving as well as a high security standard.

We would like to thank all participating members and the Mendix professionals from Mansystems in advance for their active support in the app development. (Head of working group SHARED DATA POOL: Boris Scharinger)

Boris Scharinger
Boris Scharinger

Senior Innovation Manager and Technology Strategist

Siemens AG