28 July 2020

SOLVE2GETHER – Solution forum for business processes

Contact Person: Iris Dilzer


The core task of the SOLVE2GETHER of MindSphere World is the joint development of practical technical solutions with a view to future scenarios and own application possibilities.

For this purpose, the format provides for one theoretical and one workshop part each.

Topic of the first workshop:



Middle management from the strategic level
approx. 55% mechanical engineers; 30% suppliers; 15% consultants

Use of AI in a private environment:

In general, there is massive contact in the group with AI applications in the IoT segment, such as interactive navigation services based on traffic-related route selection, smart home applications for querying upcoming appointments, whether an umbrella is needed, tracking of the personal activity level and daily sleep rhythm as well as retrieving current workout recommendations.

AI is already omnipresent in the private environment.

Use of AI in the business environment:

At the beginning of the workshop, all participants were asked to classify their company in a maturity model regarding the degree of implementation of the company's own digitisation. The chart is divided into 2 main parts: a) current activities are initially focused on internal learning effects and b) outwardly directed offers are already generated from the generated data.

The result of this exercise gave the participants the opportunity to assess themselves and the rest of the group in terms of digital maturity.

AI is already on the fast track in the business sector.

Read the complete article in our internal member area under event documentation "SOLVE2GETHER - Artificial Intelligence".

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