15 October 2020

SOLVE2GETHER – Solution forum for business processes II

Contact Person: Iris Dilzer

Consideration of business models for the use of AI

Business models demand a vision and go hand in hand with the will to develop something for the customer, even if the new ways bring along certain risks. It must be clear for whom and why these new programmes are being approached and questions about the value proposition must be answered unequivocally. This detailed preparatory work is the basis for initial agile prototyping and the development of new successful offerings.

Is there a market place for data?

No digital business without data. Defining and collecting data without gaps, but also sharing it with others, e.g. suppliers, if necessary, is becoming the supreme discipline. The more data can be correlated, the greater the added value. Glenn Allmendinger of Harbor Research speaks of 3 levels of value creation:

  1.  Collecting data in order to reduce your own resource consumption
  2. Development of new business models based on IoT networking
  3. Share data and create added value for the entire industry

Suppose a machine can be optimised using the Smart Machine Assistant (SMA) and there is a data marketplace where different parties come together to exchange data: How could a price be generated for e.g. parameter or setting data?

These and other issues were discussed in the workshop. We would like to thank all workshop participants for their active support and the very open exchange. Together we managed to answer a few questions for a successful tomorrow through the creation of value by IoT.

Read the complete article in our internal member area under Event Documentation "SOLVE2GETHER - Artificial Intelligence Chapter II".

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