18 November 2020

Successful first MindSphere World IoT Sales Meeting

Contact Person: Iris Dilzer


The megatrend Industrial IoT poses an important challenge that is often forgotten despite all the technology euphoria: traditional sales at the machine manufacturer must be taken along on the digital transformation journey. MindSphere World e.V. has taken up this topic and has launched a virtual workshop series in the STRIVE2GETHER-Format that enables IoT sales.

In order to give even more space to the mutual exchange under the MindSphere World motto "The power of many", an open IoT sales meeting format has now also been launched. The first event took place on 11 November and was moderated by the digitisation expert Helmut Ramsauer (SPINPARTNERS), who led through an exciting mix of presentations after the opening by Ulf Könekamp (Board of Directors MindSphere World e.V.). Most of the speakers were already participants of the first STRIVE2GETHER workshop and reported on their IoT activities since then.

The methodological lecture was held by Peter Schopf (Siemens AG), who presented the IoT sales approach "Challenger Sales". The subsequent practical reports covered a range of topics from the sales impact of IoT-based solutions to internal IoT organisational forms at the machine manufacturer. Holger Schmidt from ASM presented, among other things, a factory chat application for customer companies under the title "Cloud Power for the Shop Floor", which can also include machines from other suppliers. Roland Riedl from planemos talked about the "chocolate side" of IoT. He showed the evolution from pragmatic IoT-based measurement tools to OEE key figures at a chocolate manufacturer. Markus Weishaar from Dunkermotoren was looking for an effective IoT organisation within the company. He presented the relevant plans and individual steps of his company. Another participant gave an overview of previous activities in the field of digital transformation.

After the presentations, there were opportunities for questions and discussion, which were intensively used. Some participants also arranged follow-up meetings to deepen common approaches. The next IoT Sales Meeting will take place on 27 January 2021 from 9:30-11:30.

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