15 August 2019

The MindSphere World family is growing

Contact Person: Iris Dilzer


MindSphere World increases its global presence. Two new associations, in Korea and in the market of Japan & Taiwan have recently been added to the user organization an important step in building a platform for MindSphere, the operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT). Ulf Könekamp from DI S, Head of MindSphere World e.V., explains further. 

Herr Könekamp, what is the user organization MindSphere World all about?

Könekamp: MindSphere World is a network of companies and research institutions for shaping the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) based on MindSphere. We create benefits by sharing knowledge, defining standards, and creating investment security.

Our user organization is a broad church which welcomes both SMEs and large corporations from a very wide range of industries who want to shape and drive forward the digital transformation of industry and the whole economy. We also have representations from universities and consultancies. MindSphere World lives and breathes through the exchange of information between its members and their target-oriented collaboration.

Germany, Italy and ASEAN-Pacific with its headquarters in Singapore have now been joined by Korea and also in the market of Japan & Taiwan. Why is this not run centrally?

Könekamp: Although the IoT has a global approach, there are also local differences in terms of requirements, specifications, or technical standards. The local user associations have the necessary contacts with local companies, universities, or research institutions or government agencies and the task of supporting them and gaining new members to drive the fourth industrial revolution forwards. The more our ecosystem grows, the greater the benefits from global interaction and the greater the added value for our MindSphere user community.

How many members does MindSphere World have currently?

Könekamp: Over 62 members are currently working together and regularly exchanging ideas in the German IoT user organization MindSphere World e.V. With the new additions from Korea, the market of Japan and Taiwan we already have well over 120 international members. This is a notable success after only 20 months since the start of the initiative by DI CEO Klaus Helmrich. Every type of business is represented from one-man companies to large corporations, from start-ups to well-established businesses. The financial and insurance industries are also on board as every new digital business model also makes new demands on banks and insurance companies. And everyone has their own individual aspirations, requirements, and objectives for digitalization, depending on the industry and complex customer demands, and brings them to the community to work together to find a solution.

What is the next step?

Könekamp: We want to expand our reach and bring customers and applications into the community from other industries such as energy, building technology, or infrastructure – lateral thinking and collaboration are the order of the day. Tomorrow's ecosystems will remove existing borders. The really new ideas are definitely not compatible with old ways of thinking. The important thing now is for all elements to work together. It doesn’t matter whether the data comes from a machine, an air conditioning system, or from the product itself. And the involvement of commercial elements is just as important as the technological approach when it comes to developing new business models such as pay-per-use.

So, what’s next? How does the association work?

Könekamp: We are organizing workshops and events to initiate and promote ecosystems and new ways of working together. We have just brought together business people, app developers, engineers and strategists at the first MindSphere World Financial Summit – it was bursting with ideas.


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